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Tungsten Carbide Scrapers

Air Design incorporated in the state of Montana in 1986. The original product manufactured and marketed by Air Design was a fan speed adjustment attachment for John Deere combines to adjust the air on the separation shoe during harvesting operations. In 1987 Air Design started to develop a tungsten carbide disk drill scraper and produced 500 proto-types for field testing that year. With some modifications the scraper product was successfully introduced in the Fall of 1987. Since then we’ve continued to add new scraper models to fit a wide range of makes and models. Air Design currently produces over 40 varieties of planter and drill disk scrapers, all in-house right here in Montana.

Carbide History

The tungsten carbide used by Air Design in the manufacturing of scrapers is a high quality unground carbide called Wearcarb™ with Rockwell hardness of RA92, manufactured by a major United States carbide manufacturer. This source has been used almost since the inception of the scraper in 1987.

Abrasive Waterjet

A waterjet utilizes a high pressure water stream to cut through materials. The addition of an abrasive material, such as garnet, increases the cutting capability of the waterjet. The machine is capable of cutting glass, neoprene, tile, stone, wood, alloys many inches thick and numerous other types of materials. The narrow cut path also allows for intricate designs and excellent accuracy.

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