“This spring Air Design sent a new set of scrapers to put on my drill. We have very heavy soil that sticks to disks very easy. Last year we fought this problem alot and at the end of the season had several parts off of the drill damaged that was turned into warranty. This year the conditions were worse, but with the scrapers on we never had one disk build up with mud or any damage resulting in no warranty claims to CaseIH. They worked excellent and were easy to install, the blade showed little wear. We put 2800 acres on them this spring. Equally impressive as how they performed was the experience of working with Air Design on this. They had little time design this scraper before we needed them, yet made sure that a quality scraper was delivered. I don’t know how you could improve this scraper. It works and should be made as a option on the SDX Drill.”

Larry Johnson

Owner of 3 SDX drills


“We were very satisfied with the Air Design scrapers we used on our 1750 John Deere planter. The scrapers went through one season with very little wear and remained in place throughout the season. We found the Air Design scrapers to be superior to the OEM scrapers.”

Bruce Freitag, Freitag Farms, Inc


“Put Air Design scrapers on & throw the old scrapers away. Worked excellent!”

Randy Zimmerman, Walthill, NE

JD No-Till Planter


“Best scrapers they have ever used!”

Danny (Poinsett Colony), Estelline, SD

JD 1770


“After we used Air Design scrapers all problems were eliminated. We plant in many soil situations and various moisture conditions and have tested them thoroughly. Wouldn’t be without them!”

John Rear, Benson, MN


“Just a note to let you know I have traded planters again, and would not get a new planter without your scrapers. (This is the 3rd one with your scrapers.) After the mud I planted in this spring and your scrapers worked great, I knew I would never be satisfied with OE scrapers. Thanks again!”

Jim Keiper, Palo, IA

White 5100 Series


“Once you use the Air Design scraper you will never need another scraper.”

Kevin Kimberly, Maxwell, IA

JD 7000 – JD 7300 Vac 2600 Kinze – ASF CaseIH


“Hands down, best scrapers ever on the market. They are excellent!”

Wade Lenz, Hartley, TX

JD 1770 NT


“Have been very happy with the Air Design scrapers used in strip till conditions for two years with excellent wearability. They were also easy to install to replace the original scrapers.”

Jon Stock, St Charles, MN

JD 1750


“I was very satisfied with the performance of the Air Design planter scrapers. I would not want to own a planter without them!”

Warren Brady, Albert, KS

CaseIH 955


“We planted 10,000 acres of corn in very wet conditions with Air Design scrapers. We were very satisfied!”

Rod Walter, Huron, SD

JD 1780


“Been No-Tilling for eleven years and been frustrated with standard rotary scrapers in wet Springs. After reading an article about Air Design scrapers, I purchased two rows for comparison two years ago. I was impressed and returned to buy enough for the entire planter…They performed beyond my wildest dreams. I would highly recommend them to any farmer who has been frustrated by the rotary design as you do truly install them and forget about performance issues forever.”

Jim Andrew, Jefferson, IA

JD 7200


“Never had to unplug our JD 7300 planter. There was no down time. We were completely satisfied and Amazed!”

Vincent Neuhaus, Waco, TX

JD 7300


“Very thankful for the Air Design scrapers. Anybody who has ever had to clean out mud from their planters or drills will appreciate these planter and disk drill scrapers!”

Ron Nelson, Greenfield, IA

JD 1760


“In severely wet planting conditions, Air Design scrapers were low maintenance & outperformed standard planter scrapers. Hands down there was no comparison!”

Todd Dybdahl, Clinton, MN

Kinze 3600 Twin Line


“The Air Design scrapers are the ‘Cats Meow’! I planted 2000 acres of corn, milo and sunflowers in wet, sticky clay soil. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Bruce Howard, Ulysses, KS

JD 7300